Reference:Atrus, opening voiceover (Myst V: End of Ages)

My journey has come to an end. I have lost my home, my Books, my sons. I've lost my father, my grandmother, my dear wife, Catherine. And now I fear my only daughter is gone as well. And for what? For the slimmest hope that things could be put right?

What began as my tedious life in the Cleft, holding out hope for more has returned to the same. I have gone to great lengths to watch the end be written, and now... now I find myself alone in a sandstorm in Tomahna, waiting for a single grain of sand to fall. D'ni's future is like an hourglass. As the final grain slips through, I wait and I tremble, losing hope that the hourglass will be turned over once again. The Age may simply end, expended and lifeless.

I have passed my cursed burden on to my cherished daughter, Yeesha. She has either understood and embraced it, or the weight of it has crushed her. I fear it has been far too long. My hope has waned. If Yeesha has failed, is anyone left who can understand?

Oh, I am old and so tired. Once again I am useless. Today I will put an end to my useless waiting and go on to a better place.