Reference:Catherine, Tomahna sunroom greetings

Welcoming the Stranger[edit]

Breath-taking, isn't it?

[She waits until the Stranger turns to face her]

We call it Tomahna. We moved here after Atrus finished writing Releeshahn. He wanted us to have a new home too.

I'm so glad to see you. I told Atrus out paths would cross again. He was just going to grab something for your trip to Releeshahn, so he shouldn't be terribly long... Unless he decides to check over the whole house first, which means he could be hours resetting all his padlocks. But I know he was looking forward to introducing you to the D'ni, so he shouldn't be terribly long. Why don't you wait in his study?

[Catherine takes Yeesha over to the bench and sits down]

If you interact with Catherine in the sunroom[edit]

You know, this trip is exactly what Atrus needs right now. I haven't been able to get him out of the house for months, ever since he found his journals out of place. But seeing how well the D'ni have settled in on Releeshahn should help him to finally relax.

If you try to leave the sunroom[edit]

I'm sorry, the other door.

If you return to Catherine after entering the study[edit]

Atrus doesn't usually keep people waiting this long. He's just been so concerned about his Books. When he gets here, I'll tell him you're in the study.