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August 28, 2002 - Dr. Kodama[edit]

Who is authorizing the opening of Ae’gura?

I believe we are all aware of the multiple safety concerns, and to open it at this time is both irresponsible and dangerous.

I would like an explanation.

Dr. K.

August 28, 2002 - Dr. Watson[edit]

Dr. K,

It would appear that missing a scheduled meeting because you’re working and don’t want to be bothered has consequences. :)

In this case, you missed the meeting where we had a lengthy debate on opening areas of Ae’gura even though they have not yet passed all of our safety inspections.

It was decided that this will be used as a small trial area, where the hazards are a bit greater, to test the responsibility of those we have trusted to join us in D’ni. It may turn out that our current safety standards are too strict. Not likely, but possible.

But we’ll never know unless we give them access to a slightly more dangerous area.

In light of your concerns, however, we will re-emphasize the hazards of Ae’gura’s current state.


Dr. Watson

PS – Maybe you’ll attend the next meeting? We’re all busy, Ikuro, but the meetings are for more than just eating donuts, you know. :)