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December 30, 2003 - Dr. Kodama[edit]

The DRC’s current restoration priority list has been posted under “Ages” on our main page. Hopefully you will find the information of benefit. We realize it is sparse and, in some cases, raises more questions then answers, but it is a start. We hope to be adding information to it on an almost daily basis.

Personally, I will say this. I have wanted to release this information for some time. However, fellow council members have feared the release of such information, especially dates, for fear of the trouble that would ensue in the case of a miscalculation. Prove me, and those who have argued otherwise, correct. Our dates are estimates. Do not base your future, or future decisions, on them. We will miss some of the dates listed and when we do, please spare us from your complaints. We are trying to be helpful and informative by releasing more than we need to. If such efforts only provide fodder for derogatory messages, we will discontinue them.

Dr. K