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December 22, 2003 - Dr. Watson[edit]

Before I get to the meat of this announcement, I want to applaud the well-spoken thoughts of explorers like Zardoz and others who have been voicing concerns over recent developments in the cavern. Actions of rogue elements of the DRC supported by common thugs will not go without consequence. Perhaps now everyone can see what will happen to the resotoration project if things are not well-governed. Where we may have appeared heavy-handed in the past, perhaps now you can see that we have the explorers’ best interests in mind. Perhaps you can see that rebuilding a civilization is no small task to be managed by hobbyists and deluded cowboys.

Now to practicle matters.

The Great Tree Pub, formerly assigned to Douglas Sharper, will be reassigned to an as yet undecided project lead. Sharper has his pub in the city for now. I hope it’s all that he imagined.

The neighborhood that was serving as a meeting place and unregulated playground for Sharper and his favorites is hereby closed.

Many thanks to all of our supporters for reliable and timely information, not to mention the ongoing encouragement of the voice of reason in these trying times.

Dr. Watson