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February 6, 2004 - Victor Laxman[edit]

Just wanted to confirm: we simply won’t be able to pull out all of our gear, nor do I think it desirable to do so. I want to hope that we would just need to bring it all back down one day.

I also see no harm in leaving some basic systems online. Imager power consumption is negligible and mucking with the lattice at this point is a headache I don’t need. The cavern fans are a debatable point. I vote to keep them running.


February 10, 2004 - Victor Laxman[edit]

OK – along these lines:

– Kirel is secure, including the stones.
– I’ve adjusted KI and Nexus features for minimal support while the Cavern is unoccupied. (Though, now of all times, the remote upgrade feature actually appears to be working.)
– As discussed, I’ll be coordinating our surface rendez-vous. Last ship (so to speak) leaves at 5 PM today.
– There’s nothing that can be done of course, but we were close. I so wanted to see the Zero calibrated and powered up. I feel like Moses who got to glimpse the promised land but was forbade entry. Others may succeed…perhaps we will see it.

One issue remains: I’ve heard that a certain someone is putting up quite a fuss about leaving. It’s no surprise, really. The headache continues. I say leave him. I trust our security measures.