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October 30, 2003 - Dr. Kodama[edit]

We’re giving it to Sharper. Given Teledahn’s progress, I won’t expect to see anything from our “Shroom Baron” for a year or two.

But with all the contests to make our visitors happy, who needs new areas to be approved quickly?

Dr. K.

October 30, 2003 - Victor Laxman[edit]

Now, now Dr. K, I think Douglas did a fine job on Teledahn. Besides, there will be enough other intriguing areas that no one will miss a pub for some time.

While we’re talking about the obstacles in approving new areas… I was thinking we could use the population counter in the Nexus to keep things from getting out of hand there. We could set the maximum occupancy, if you will, rather low to begin with and step it up as the infrastructure improves.

What do you think?