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All messages are from the DRC in general unless noted otherwise.

12/20/06: Welcome[edit]

Dear Visitors and Explorers,
If you are just arriving for the first time, welcome to the Cavern!
If you are returning to the Cavern, we apologize for the inconvenience that required you to obtain a new KI. It seems that all of the KIs that were in use before that bizarre scream occurred have been permanently disabled. Fortunately, it seems that the lattice was not damaged.
There have also been many reports of subtle changes that apparently occurred at the same time as that scream, so, as a precaution, we have closed down the most unstable portions of the city to verify that those areas have not been adversely affected. We will be re-opening portions of the city as soon as we can.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
--Victor Laxman

12/24/06: Imagers[edit]

The imagers are now working in all the neighborhoods.
Happy Holidays,

01/19/07: Eder Delin[edit]

The DRC is proud to announce the release of Eder Delin. You will notice the Book is not in every neighborhood. We must insist that you don't start new neighborhoods just to find one with a Book. The next Age will be placed in neighborhoods that don't have an Eder Delin Book.
Feel free to find a public neighborhood or a friend that does have Eder Delin. We'll have the next Age out as soon as possible.

01/19/07: Eder Delin Released[edit]

In last minute discussions, the DRC decided that placing Eder Delin in a percentage of neighborhoods was ill-advised and problematic.
As a result, we have decided to place the Book in every neighborhood.
We apologize for any confusion. As for the next Age, we'll discuss its distribution at a later time.

04/17/07: Great Zero Marker Project[edit]

For those who have been asking for ways to contribute to the restoration, another project has now become available to the Explorers: the calibration of the Great Zero.
If you are interested in contributing to this project, please visit the Great Zero Antechamber (via one of the linking books in your neighborhood) and read the DRC journal there for the details of this project.
Thank you,
--Victor Laxman

05/19/07: Minkata Release Party Announcement[edit]

We are happy to announce that we are on schedule to release the Age of Minkata this Thursday evening. To celebrate, special guest Rand Miller will be visiting with Explorers in the Beginner's Bevin at 7pm Cavern Time. See you there!

05/19/07: Safety Alert[edit]

As some of you have discovered, a small crack has recently appeared in the north wall of the alley near the public City's Kahlo Pub. The most recent studies of that building had shown it to be stable, but it appears that that may no longer be the case. We do not yet have an explanation for this new crack, and we will be reevaluating the condition of the building to the north of the Kahlo Pub in the days ahead.
In the meantime, we ask that you consider this area to be dangerous and limit your explorations to the other areas of the city.
Thank you.

05/20/07: KI Light[edit]

Recently the DRC have found a machine that allows the KI to emit a light. At the moment, the light will only stay on for a very short period of time (a few seconds). We are still in the process of discovering how to make the light last for a longer amount of time.

05/20/07: Main City Shut Down[edit]

For those who are not yet aware, a crack was discovered early yesterday afternoon in one of the buildings in the City. Explorers were warned to stay out of that area as a precautionary measure.
Unfortunately, there was a collapse in that area tonight at 8:40pm Cavern Time. We have not yet determined the exact cause of the collapse, or the severity of the damage, so we are closing down the main City to explorers until we have more information.
Michael Engberg's daughter Wheely and her friend Rosette have turned off their KIs, and are still missing. Victor Laxman is looking for a way to activate their KIs remotely.
In the meantime, those of you with access to the other "instances" of the City: we cannot keep you out of them, but if you choose to visit them, please be extra cautious. We have seen in the past that things that happen in the "main" city also happen in the "instances", so we cannot be sure that the same thing will not happen elsewhere.
Thank you for your patience.

05/21/07: Rescue Efforts Continue[edit]

For those who have not yet heard, there was a collapse inside one of the buildings in the city on Sunday night at 8:40pm Cavern Time.
Two people were inside the building when the ceiling collapsed: Rosette "Rose" Taylor, who, as far as we can tell, was killed in the initial collapse, and Willow "Wheely" Engberg, daughter of DRC member Michael Engberg.
The DRC's effort to rescue Wheely continues, but the work is slow. Excavation work is done by hand to minimize the risk of causing another collapse. The rescuers are currently on the third floor of the building, working their way down. If work continues at the current pace, and barring other issues, the rescuers hope to reach where they believe Wheely is by the end of the day tomorrow.

05/22/07: Rescue Effort Update[edit]

For those who have not yet heard, there was a collapse inside of the buildings in the city on Sunday night at 8:40pm Cavern Time.
Two people were inside the building when the ceiling collapsed: Rosette "Rose" Taylor, who as far as we can tell, was killed in the initial collapse, and Willow "Wheely" Engberg, daughter of DRC member Michael Engberg.
Wheely's KI was offline for nearly twelve hours, and we continued to hope for the best while fearing the worst as the rescue teams continued their work through the night. Thankfully, her signal reappeared a little after 11:00am Cavern Time, and her condition had greatly improved in the meantime.
The DRC's effort to rescue Wheely continues, but the work is slow. Excavation work is done by hand to minimize the risk of causing another collapse. The rescuers are currently on the second floor of the building, working their way down. The rescuers hope to reach Wheely sometime this evening.

05/22/07: Tragedy In The Cavern[edit]

For those who have not yet heard, there was a collapse inside one of the buildings in the city on Sunday night at 8:40pm Cavern Time.
Two people were inside the building when the ceiling collapsed: Rosette "Rose" Taylor, who was killed in the initial collapse, and Willow "Wheely" Engberg, who was killed just before the rescuers arrived where she had been trapped.
Our condolences and deepest sympathies go out to the Taylor and Engberg families.

05/23/07: Alley Reopened[edit]

The cleanup of the damaged building is still in progress, but the remaining structure does not show signs of another collapse. Our investigation into the cause of the collapse and the remainder of the cleanup will likely last for several weeks. In the meantime, however, we are reopening the alley to the Kahlo Pub with the understanding that the area should still be considered hazardous. Enter that alley at your own risk.

05/23/07: DRC Member Michael Engberg Missing[edit]

For those who have not yet heard, there was a collapse inside one of the buildings in the city on Sunday night at 8:40pm Cavern Time.
Two people were inside the building when the ceiling collapsed: Rosette "Rose" Taylor, who was killed in the initial collapse, and Willow "Wheely" Engberg, daughter of DRC member Michael Engberg, who was killed just before the rescuers arrived where she had been trapped.
Michael Engberg has since disappeared. He was last heard to mention the name of Dr. Watson, and then he was seen linking to the Rest House in the Great Shaft. These events occurred around 5:20pm Cavern Time; his KI went offline sometime between then and 5:30pm. He has not been seen since.
If you have any information about the current whereabouts of Michael Engberg, please notify the DRC.

05/24/07: A Statement From Cate[edit]

This week has been full of tragedy. Our wounds are deep, and our scars will never completely heal. I cannot comprehend the loss that Michael is feeling now, but our hearts are with him, and I trust that he will return when he is ready.
There is much that we do not know. But we do know that the restoration we have committed to will fail if we do not overcome our sorrows and conquer our fears.
There is much we cannot control. But we will continue to hold on to those things which we can.
And so, we will keep moving forward.
Many have dedicated their lives to this restoration effort, and to give up now would be a grievous offense to the memories of all who lost their lives here and an insult to those of us who continue to work toward a restored cavern.
With that in mind, I have made the decision that Minkata will be released on schedule tonight. We will reverently celebrate its opening as we honor the events of this week. How appropriate that the word "minkata" means "heavily scarred". May the scars of Minkata be a constant memorial to all we have lost.

06/22/07: Michael Engberg Still Missing[edit]

If you have any information about the current whereabouts of Michael Engberg, please notify the DRC.

06/23/07: Explorer Created Quests[edit]

Those of you who have upgraded your KIs with the marker upgrade and have completed the initial marker missions will now be able to create the "Quest" type marker games that can be sent to other explorers. For more details, please refer to the notebook about the KI which can be found in the classroom of your neighborhood.

06/23/07: Great Zero Activation[edit]

Victor Laxman says that the initial calibration of the Great Zero is complete. Our thanks to all the explorers that contributed to this calibration! Please join us at the Great Zero tomorrow night, June 24, at 4:00pm Cavern Time as the Great Zero's next phase is activated.

06/23/07: Watcher's Sanctuary[edit]

We are happy to announce the opening of the Watcher's Sanctuary. Explorers will find a link to it from the Nexus.

06/24/07: Great Zero Activated[edit]

Another milestone in the restoration has been reached: the Great Zero calibration has been completed and the Great Zero's bean has been activated!
We would like to thank all of the explorers who contributed to the calibration.

06/25/07: Cate Alexander Elected[edit]

Many of you know that I've been working closely with the DRC for many months now, though I haven't officially been a member of the Council itself. With Michael Engberg still missing, the time has come for my role with the Council to increase.
The remaining Council members have graciously elected to have me join them in an official capacity.
I am very pleased to help the Council through this difficult time in any way that I can.

06/26/07: Wheely Memorial[edit]

The events of the past two months have highlighted the need to have a way to memorialize explorers who are no longer with us. We have installed a memorial near the Kahlo Pub to honor the memories of those explorers.
If you have the name of an explorer who has passed away that you'd like to submit for us to consider adding to the memorial, please send an email with the name of the explorer, their nickname (if applicable) and a brief description of how that explorer impacted you directly, or contributed to the community in general.
Send your submissions to with the title "Memorial Submission".
Also, if you know the full names for those we currently only have nicknames for, please let us know that information as well.
Thank you.

06/27/07: Er'cana Pellets[edit]

As many of you have already discovered, the Age of Er'cana provides a way for you to contribute to another aspect of the restoration. The pellets made in Er'cana can be used to provide nutrients to the algae that is responsible for the light that the lake in the Cavern emits.
We have conducted extensive tests with the algae, and have concluded that "feeding" the algae will gradually make it healthier. Given enough time and nutrients, the algae may even return to the cycle it once had before the Fall of D'ni.
Be aware that this is a process that will likely take many, many months. The algae has been mostly dormant for almost two hundred years. It will not be restored overnight.
Also be aware that certain recipes can actually damage the algae. If you see steam or bubbles or worse, then that recipe is doing more harm than good. Please reject the rest of the pellets of that recipe and try another recipe.
The best pellets will result in a bright, orange glow.
Thank you in advance for your contributions to this effort.

P.S. - For those of you who enjoy keeping track of your contributions, your KI will keep track of the "Pellet Points" you've earned from depositing pellets in the Silo. Please note that pellets that damage the algae do not earn any points.

07/30/07: Pellet Update[edit]

We would like to thank everyone for their contributions in baking pellets to feed the algae in the lake. Your efforts this past month have exceeded our expectations, but the lake is large and the pellets are small. This project is still in its very early stages. Keep in mind that the "points" awarded to individuals via their KI are only a general indication of the value their pellet is to the lake algae.
In order to help keep people motivated, Mr. Laxman has set up the imagers in the neighborhoods to accept your pellet points. Each hood will have a running total of the pellet points that have been collected by that neighborhood to help provide a little healthy competition between the neighborhoods.
Please not that you can donate your pellet points to any neighborhood you choose.
Also note that Mr. Laxman has removed the lake light meter from the harbor area in the city since many Explorers were discouraged that it was not providing useful feedback for them. The meter may be returned if the digital readout can be repaired.
Thanks again for all your hard work. We look forward to seeing which neighborhood comes out on top.

07/31/07: Pellet Analysis[edit]

Pellet analysis DRC KI message.PNG

07/31/07: Bahro Seen in Sanctuary[edit]

A short time ago, two Bahro appeared in the Watcher's Sanctuary with what appeared to be the Bahro that Douglas Sharper had killed during his reconnaissance trip to Noloben.
It is not clear what their intentions were, but, so far, no explorers have been harmed by these Bahro. Still, it is a matter of concern, as we do not want to provoke the Bahro and have anything as tragic as has recently happened repeated.
If you see one of these Bahro, please take great care to not startle them or appear to threaten them in any way. It may be best to keep your distance from them as much as you can.

07/31/07: Kirel Opens[edit]

The DRC has always been excited to return the Guilds to the Cavern, and today marks a special day in that effort. We are proud to announce the opening of Kirel: the Guild Neighborhood. Though it is a small step, it is a step in the right direction.
We invite you to visit the neighborhood, learn of the five Guilds represented, and envision a future when all the Guilds are active once again and how you may choose to be a part of that.
Thank you.

08/01/07: Increased Bahro Sightings[edit]

The DRC is aware that the number of Bahro sightings in the Cavern and Ages has gone up dramatically ever since the two appeared in the Watcher's Sanctuary yesterday.
Again, we do not want to cause undue panic, as they have not harmed anyone, but we would like to remind the explorers that very little is really understood about these creatures. Do not take any unnecessary chance if you see one. Please keep your distance from them and take care to not appear to threaten them in any way.
Thank you.

08/02/07: Jalak Is Released[edit]

The DRC is happy to announce the release of Jalak. The Age is very different than anything we have released up to this point. We hope that you enjoy its casual atmosphere and very open feel. How you choose to enjoy it is mostly up to you.

08/03/07: Guild Advisor[edit]

By a unanimous vote, the DRC have decided to appoint Reteltee as their "Guild Advisor." The DRC began working with Reteltee last month when he asked to speak with the DRC at length about the Guilds. When asked why they selected Reteltee out of all the explorers, Cate replied, "He was simply in the right place at the right time. We had already begun work in Kirel to make it the 'Guild Hood', and his request to talk to us about the Guilds at that moment was a perfect fit. Once it was explained to me that his name means 'The Guilds', it was obvious that we had found the right person to talk to." We are happy to continue working with him. If you see him, please offer him your congratulations.

08/03/07: Phil Henderson Returns[edit]

The DRC are thrilled to report that Phil "phend" Henderson has returned safely to the Cavern! He was involved in a major structural collapse a little over three years ago. When his destroyed KI was discovered in the rubble, we feared the worst, and when it was confirmed that he did not have his Relto Book with him at the time of the collapse, those fears seemed to have been confirmed.
We are very happy to have Phil back with us once again.

09/09/07: Guild Pubs Open[edit]

The DRC is proud to announce the opening of miniature Guild Halls. In order to continue our effort at a full restoration of the Guilds, the DRC is releasing five areas that will be designated Guild Halls. Only members of Guilds (those who own a Guild T-shirt) will be allowed access to the respective Guild Hall.
We have much larger plans for the Guilds but, again, every step forward is a step in the right direction and we are pleased to take another large step toward our goals.
Thank you.

09/11/07: Pellet Progress Update[edit]

I would like to take another opportunity to thank all of the explorers for continuing to contribute pellets to the lake. I have been monitoring the pellet contributions on a daily basis and have noticed that they've been steadily decreasing over the last month. I just wanted to reassure you that you are making progress, so don't get discouraged. At the current rate of pellet contributions, the increased lake light level could be enough to be noticeable in the next few months. Of course, if they continue to decline, it will take a great deal longer.
Also, according to our tests, the algae does not respond well to spikes in their food supply. Slow and steady is better than large, sudden changes to the pellet contributions. The D'ni do have several safety mechanisms in place to moderate this to some degree, so the algae isn't in any great danger, but for our own efficiency's sake, it's better to be as consistent as is reasonable.
Thanks again,
Victor Laxman

09/12/07: Dr. Watson and Michael Engberg Have Returned[edit]

We are very pleased to announce Dr. Watson and Michael Engberg have returned to the Cavern! Discussions with them in regards to their relationships with the Council are ongoing.

11/01/07: Cate Resigns[edit]

As many of you have already heard, Cate Alexander unexpectedly resigned earlier today, citing that the Restoration effort is not giving her sufficient return on her investment to justify continuing her investment. The remaining DRC members are in the process of determining what our course of action in the weeks and months ahead will be in light of this recent development. We will keep you informed as decisions in this matter are made.
Thank you for your understanding.

11/02/07: Ahnonay To Be Released[edit]

Despite yesterday's events, we are pleased to announce that another Age is nearly ready to be opened. We will be making the official presentation of the Book this afternoon at 5:30pm Cavern Time.

11/02/07: Ahnonay Released[edit]

It is with great pleasure that we release another Age to the Explorers. For those who have seen Ahnonay in the past, you will notice that the Age is not exactly as you may remember it. For those who haven't seen it before, prepare yourselves for an Age that has to be seen to be believed.
It may be a good idea to explore the Age with a friend or two.

11/05/07: Farewell[edit]

Good day all.
I'm writing this note to let you know that Marie and I have headed to the surface. I apologize that we could not make such an announcement in person but there were pressing reasons to get a start on what we deem as our next mission. You are well aware that Cate left the DRC for financial reasons. Judging the rumors, I'm not sure you are equally aware of Dr. Kodama's reasons for leaving but he has returned to the surface to try and find funding for this effort. He has not left the Council.
By now, I'm sure many of you have also heard of Yeesha's visit. Upon hearing her words, we are more convinced than ever that we too must find a way. As a result, Marie and I have determined that the restoration will not continue without funding and we too, have taken it upon ourselves to search for such funding as well.
So, we leave you here to carry on the task that Yeesha has given us. We leave you here hoping that we will return soon with better news and a brighter hope for the future.
Watch yourselves and good luck.