Reference:DRC press release: A New Step Forward For The Challenge

This press release was initially titled "A New Step For The Future", but was changed on February 10th, 2007.

(Carlsbad Cavern, NM - January 25, 2007) What do you do when you stumble upon a 10,000 year old civilization buried several miles beneath the Earth and find that the civilization had the ability to write links to new Ages?

"You find a way to fund its restoration," laughs Cate Alexander, the woman has done just that: procured funding and provided leadership to the group of four individuals who are currently in charge of just such a task.

Adding more pressure to the already daunting job is the fact that thousands of people from around the world have felt a supposed "call" to this ruin, and, as a result, are flocking to the cavern. More are arriving every day. If that weren't enough pressure, the underground cavern was opened over two years ago to the public and ended up shutting down after their initial funding ran dry, resulting in the removal of most of its visitors and the disappearance of the leader of the Council, Dr. Richard Watson.

"No one said it was going to be easy," offers Cate. "But what would life be without a challenge?" It's a challenge Cate Alexander is looking forward to. Those coming to the cavern of D'ni are expecting things to do, places to visit, and people to see. Though some have expressed doubt that the organization currently in charge has the resources to accomplish their wishes, Cate promises new things for the future.

"This is a tremendous task, the hardest I have ever worked on. I've been watching Dr. Kodama, Dr. Sutherland, Mr. Engberg and Mr. Laxman for some time now, and I'm convinced that with the resources I am putting together, with this team of people leading the way, and with a community of visitors willing to adapt and except change, D'ni will breathe again."

Miss Alexander started her own Venture Cap company, Underground Ventures in June of 1992. Since then, she has established, and provided resources for, several business start-ups and other unique projects around the world. Still, none compare to this one. "I was taken back at first. I had no idea such a ruin existed and I had no idea why anyone would want to recreate it. But, it was a foolish assessment."

After numerous trips and meetings with the people who have given their lives to the effort, Miss Alexander realized the enormous potential and possibilities the cavern offered. She realized the beauty behind the investment and the importance of making sure things move forward.

So, what exactly will Cate Alexander do differently now that she's "footing the bill" and taking a more visible role in the D'ni Restoration Council?

"It will take time and there may be some things that people haven't seen in the past. But, it's my full intention to make sure that the cavern, the Ages, the structures, the beauty and majesty of it all, lives, and grows to something more than any of us have imagined."

The rest of the DRC members agree. As stated by Dr. Kodama, "Cate will drive this train and if you don't like it, I suggest you get off now."