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Reference:Patrick Dulebohn, Veelay Tsahvahn journal

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Patrick Dulebohn, Veelay Tsahvahn journal
Veelay Tsahvahn journal.png
Location Veelay Tsahvahn
Author Doobes

February 14th, 2017

After taking some time investigating the new library, we came across a Linking Book to the Age of Veelay Tsahvahn, or "immortal soul" in D'ni. While we still have to find documentation about this Age, upon first Linking in, we were amazed by how well it had held up compared to most other D'ni Ages we've visited. There was barely any structural damage or heavy wear and tear due to the elements. We've sent some samples back to our team for carbon dating, so we'll see just how old this Age is.

February 20th, 2017

Incredible! Preliminary testing shows that this Age could predate the exodus to the D'ni cavern, meaning it may very well have come from Garternay! If further testing holds true, Veelay Tsahvahn could very well have been Written nearly 12,000 years ago. As it stands, the structures here are not made of the signature nara usually found in D'ni architecture, which also may hint at a very early life for this Age. Nevertheless, they've held up very well. The skies have remained clear and pristine, showing off many celestial bodies in the sky as well as some beautiful aurora. There's also evidence that this particular side of the planet stays in perpetual twilight, further keeping the structures from degrading. This Age was indeed Written to last, but for what reason?

March 9th, 2017

Some progress on figuring out this Age.

Korov'ev has translated the plaque just in front of the tree when first Linking in. It appears to be a prayer first discovered by Richard Watson years ago.

It reads:

"In the rock, they lived. In the rock, they rest. Yahvo receive their souls."

Additionally, volunteers have been perusing, organizing, and cataloging the stacks of books in the library on Teshafee and have found a book of commentary for this Age. Korov'ev was able to translate a good portion of that as well. Given the above quote from the plaque and the commentary, it seems Veelay was used as an Age to memorialize and remember those of the Ronay, and later the D'ni, who had passed away. It served as a location for funerals and wakes of sorts. This would explain why the Writer of this Age did their best to make it as geologically and meteorologically stable as possible. It also explains the very minimal amount of wear and tear the Age has gone through despite being here for millennia.

June 14th, 2017

So many projects, so little time! I do like to come back here quite often for the peace and quiet. You can feel the history and reverence that surrounded this relatively simple Age. An Age to remember those who are gone. It makes me think of my grandfather Raymond, who passed away just several months ago. I like to think he would have loved to see this. I also think about quite a few of the explorers I've known over the years who have passed on. So many good people taken far too soon.

Perhaps Veelay could be used to honor them as well, as the Ronay and D'ni once did...

August 21st, 2017

After speaking with Tai'lahr, we've both agreed that using this Age as a memorial to those explorers who are no longer with us would be a fitting extension of the memorial in the Kahlo Pub. Tai has been kind enough to gather information about each of the names on that memorial, and I've decided to incorporate all of it into hand-written journals that can be located on the pedestals at the top of the main structure. Those just coming to the cavern can read about those who have helped us restore it . . . who left their mark on our little community of explorers and touched our lives forever.

I'm hoping this will be a fitting tribute to all of them.

October 6th, 2017

I return to Veelay Tsahvahn with mixed emotions. My grandmother passed away just a few days ago, so the meaning of this Age continues to grow for me as we make it ready for the general public.

November 27th, 2017

In the midst of the holidays, a thought occurs to me after yet another loss. It's amazing how pets can become like a member of the family, and their loss is felt almost as deeply as their human counterparts. In this spirit, I plan to make a small addition to this Age to honor our furry companions as well...and for me, one in particular.

Jack the cat . . . we miss you, buddy.

January 9th, 2020

It's been a while since I last Linked here, but each visit here brings both somber feelings and a renewed determination for Age restoration and rebuilding. The journals detailing our late friends have been completed and amended . . . including Tai'lahr, who passed just a couple of months ago. She was the driving force behind this whole thing, and for that and more, she is truly missed.

All that's left now are the usual safety checks . . . a mere formality. I truly hope those who come here, especially those who have lost a loved one in and out of the cavern, can find peace and serenity when visiting this Age, and think upon those who are no longer with us. They will not be forgotten.

So long as we remember them, their ending shall never be written.

Special Thanks

Rhee for the original design concept Tai'lahr for putting together the explorers' memorial, putting stories to the names from the Kahlo Pub, and for being an all around wonderful person. We miss you, Tai. Florian "Mystler" Meißner for his incredibly beautiful musical score, "House of Reminiscence". aqua, Hoikas, Deledrius and EmorDniLap for beta testing the Age and giving excellent feedback. Textures courtesy of Cyan, Inc. and Textures.com.

And of course, to all the explorers who have passed away: Thank you for making our lives so much brighter while you were with us!