Reference:Esher, Descent addresses

In the Volcano caldera[edit]

You have seen Yeesha. She was, I'm sure, not very hospitable. You are confused, no doubt. My name is Esher. It is a pleasure to meet you.

She has given you the Quest. Yes… the Quest. The Quest to carry the four; the Quest to release the Tablet; the Quest that is proving to be more difficult than she anticipated. Many have taken the Quest… and the Tablet still has no master.

I will tell you what she will not. I will help you when she will not. But she and I agree on this point: DO NOT give her the Tablet. She has lied to you already, uttered words that bite her heart as they leave her lips... for she wants that Tablet more than anything! She desires what she can no longer feel… but once tasted. You must not, whatever happens, give it to her.

Ah... She is the desert bird that longs to fly. She has dreams of taking flight in her ambiguous world filled with vague clouds and shadowed air. Careful. She is a clever one.

I'm sorry. I'm overwhelming you. Look for the hole in the ground; that's where your journey begins. I will find you.

In the first node of the Descent[edit]

I apologize for the goggles earlier, but my eyes are not accustomed to the sun in this Age.

I have taken this same journey, this same Quest, and failed. I'm not proud of my failure, yet I think that what I learned will be useful in your Quest.

[Indicates door] Your journey continues through that door.

At the top of the Great Shaft[edit]

Rehgahro tiwah. The Great Shaft. Amazing, is it not? Built by those from beneath. My people. I am D'ni.

It was this shaft that permitted the great-grandmother of Yeesha to find our deep city. Rather than bore you with the tedious details, you need only know this: she killed us all, and the great D'ni city lies lifeless and ruined.

There is a room at the end of this first elevator. A small room with a D'ni rest Age Book for the D’'ni who would have traveled this path. The book will link you to Direbo. I will come to you there.

At the bottom of the Great Shaft[edit]

Stand in awe. The surface is three miles above us. Three miles. Our construction was triumphant. And tragic.

You will not be able to continue downward without providing fresh air to the tunnels. Raise the floor and power the fans. I trust you can discover how.