Reference:Esher, Keep addresses


Huh-hmm… you have found the Keep, the destination for the Slates. You have seen this pedestal already in K'veer, where you started. And you will see it again. It is in… many places at once.

Touch the Slate to finish your task. Only you can make them solid. Three remain.

Return to the tunnels, the path that leads to D'ni, and you will find another book.

Well done.


Do you begin to understand the power of the Tablet? Surely it begins to pull you. Its strength grips you.

Look around. Without the power of the Tablet, this would be left solely to your dreams.

Now, imagine how the Tablet calls her. She has tasted it already. She has the ability to use it beyond all others, and she tells you not to give it to her because she wants it so. She destroyed the D'ni once, and she will complete our destruction if you give her the Tablet.

Listen carefully. The quest is half complete and the decision nears. You have seen much of what D'ni once were and what they were able to build. Do you see what we might create yet again? The city! The Ages! Do you see it?

Go! Bring us closer.


No one understands these creatures as I do. I see you doubt that. No one has learned there language as I have. Do you question that as well? What other doubts has she placed in your mind? I have opened up my Age, my mind and my understanding; and yet still you question my motives.

I only hope the knowledge I have gained will save you and me at the end.

Why do I pace? I am afraid. I fear what you will choose in the end. I hesitate to tell you this, to add to your burden... but I must. There is another option in the end.

The Myst Book.

It lies locked on the desk where you began in K'veer. Yeesha will not go there. She has grown to detest that island, so the Tablet would be safe from her hunger there.

Be alert... a choice awaits. Do not let your feelings of doubt, perhaps even of me, cloud your reason.


The Distant Isle. Very few have been here. You have... you have done well. Treasures were kept here... and still are. The Tablet on the Keep is perhaps the greatest treasure ever held by man or beast. And you will hold it soon.

Power is in your hands, friend... whether you like it or not.

I will not have the chance to speak to you again. You will link upon touching the final Slate. The Tablet will be yours, as will the choice.

I must be blunt, for it is my last opportunity... D'ni's last opportunity. Her mind has changed. Now she believes she must have the Tablet. She believes she is the Grower. When you see her, she will beckon for it. Do not give it to her.

But the book in K'veer? I have unlocked it. Bring the Tablet there, to Myst Island. Yeesha will not follow. She does not want to be their master.

Bring the Tablet to Myst Island. There is no other choice. I will meet you there.

Please... do not fail. It is what must be done.