Reference:Esher, Laki'ahn addresses


I wish you could see Laki'ahn as I remember it!


The calls of the beasts, bellowing out over the warm airs... and conversations, as we waited for the fires to burn and the battles to begin.

This was a place of great strength and triumph. I wonder if you have such courage.

The door to the trade house is locked, but the jeweler door on the other side, that can be unlocked.

Much to learn. First, the stone Slate. Pick it up from the pedestal and take it with you. But know this about the Slates. They too are abominations, made by the bahro creatures’' abuse of the Art of Writing. Still… they carry great power.

You will find that you can write on the Slates anything you wish. There are some elementary symbols that the creatures understand. At least in this way, you can use the Bahro hindrance for your good.

They will take it, if you drop it. They will obey it, if you order them. They will return it, in time. As you learn, you will have more control.

Arena, near the jeweler door[edit]

Here we watched. The harvest of the gems, freed from the conquered laki and painted with their blood. What triumph! What grand sport! What displays of strength!

Yeesha finds such strength brutal, even as she seeks it herself.

Ah, to have such fellowship with my people again...