Reference:Gehn, Riven journal excerpts

From Guild of Archivists

Gehn's Riven Journal is from the booklet found in the Riven (game) soundtrack.


.loymaht lekeneet dhaynoytee pahrah tresheegah reendaytahntee leshuhfayeet oolbahoy fesev <9><8> kodobeerah reteejuh kahg
Though there have been large setbacks in the unknown word the Builders have finished my office on Age 233 I was keeping the original unknown word.
.ril leeahm lekenen hoosahtay b'fahsee okh een okh mishtahtahvoy met fahm gatah chilesh brevog wotsah okh r'ahchah te ah sev mot
No question has been entirely unknown word of unknown word of my construction this far due mainly to the harsh nature of the unknown word unknown word that age.
.khoy regedee kat kolkenen remooshee greoonahn cheto okh rezeeway ril bodolpaypeel
unknown word the only unknown word had been the unknown word and the hostile disposition of the weather I would not have been unknown word.
.kokenen revog miro okh reviduh mot kopoogen b'ken erth nuhdahtahv b'rish be erth teejuh teegahl kerah
It was the toxic nature of the atmosphere that unknown word to be nearly a unknown word to a brave working unknown word.
.volah tesot prin fahets teegtahntee kodoteegeet rilte reahreeuhtahv tsahroo tseemahahl koneetsahvayeet tanuhth iglahrno temo kokeelaheet kat erth gahrtahvotee khah treahchah
Yes, our first small group of workers working without the necessary unknown word protection suffered temporary unknown word unknown word they just unknown word a few 6-hour-periods in the unknown word.
.bree pahm sen kotanuheet tsahnosh trefahdho
Two or three were unknown word permanently by the experience.
.reyeepay kolaneet me gormot tetemo kojahgahen ahreeuhtahv fooruh loymaht reloopahtee mot komahrenteet khahpo kokeneet pekay b'rish be motee
The eyeglasses they unknown word from then unknown word unknown word sufficient protection though the unknown word which followed perhaps were very insidious to those.