Reference:Gehn, personal journal excerpts (Riven soundtrack booklet)

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Gehn, personal journal excerpts (Riven soundtrack booklet)
Location Riven soundtrack booklet
Author Gehn

Note: These entries are found in the first edition Riven soundtrack insert booklet, and are not in the game. The journal that these excerpts were taken from was found in D'ni by Dr. Richard Watson. There is also an original page written in D'ni in the front of the soundtrack booklet.

"The desk is perfect, as if my own memory has become tangible. I can almost see my father, absorbed in his writing, bent over the meticulously placed Elements. There is the pen, instrument of creation. The ink, lifeblood of another age. And the blank page.

This will be a place of great inspiration."

"Though I have never considered myself a very talented musician, I have never ceased to derive great strength and inspiration when performing the Maral-obe. In an attempt to preserve some of my own performances, I recently set about recreating the Cannen.

The technology was fairly simple; a version was working within a few days. I am only sorry that I did not do it earlier; this crude Cannen has already provided me with very practical benefits; a certain meditative clearness seems to descend on me while smoking and listening to the Cannen. Immediately following this meditation, my writing becomes much more fluid and effortless."

"It's ironic that one of the only authentic pieces of D'ni craftsmanship still in my possession is the watch that was given to my by my mother: a timepiece tainted by the fact that it displays surface time alongside D'ni time - a physical reminder of the impurity of my mother's blood.

But though the watch retains this flaw, it is completely D'ni in every other respect, especially in terms of the etched continents of what I believe to be Garternay: birthplace of the Art."