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This page is a collection of posts from the now-read-only MOUL forums, confirming definitions of D'ni words. Where possible, links to the original threads are included. The spelling of the definition links has been edited to match this wiki's guidelines.

Nekisahloth[edit | edit source]

Author: K'laamas
Posted: Saturday November 10, 2007
Original: New D'ni Word

A few days ago I wrote RAWA an e-mail. Here's part of it:

The events of the Uru "Season Finale" answer most of the remaining questions about the Bahro War. But people talk about the "Good Bahro" and the "Bad/Evil Bahro", and that's not quite right. The "adversarial" Bahro are angry because of their 9600+ year enslavement, and are becoming violent to seek revenge---they're not "evil", just angry.

Anyway, I was wondering if you could give us the D'ni word(s) for "vengeful", "angry", or "violent"? I'd like to start referring to the 2 groups as the "Bahro Shoraht" & the "Bahro [Vengeful]", and maybe even find an appropriate D'ni term/name for their Leader that Yeesha spoke of (by adding "-th" to one of the words, perhaps?).

He responded by telling me what Dr. Watson heard Yeesha refer to them as while he was away from the Cavern :D


Transliteration: bah’ro ne-kis-ahl--the Bent Bahro
D'nifont: neKisal
Definition: adjective meaning "bent, twisted, or distorted"


Transliteration: ne-kis-ahl-oth
D'nifont: neKisaloT
Definition: noun meaning "one who is bent, twisted, or distorted"

First off, yay for new D'ni words! :D

Second, as I said in my e-mail, calling them the "Evil Bahro" is a bit inaccurate & judgemental. So from here on out, I intend to refer to the 2 groups of Bahro by these D'ni terms:

"Bahro Shoraht"--"Peaceful Bahro"
"Bahro Nekisahl"--"Twisted Bahro"

And I think that "Nekisahloth" sounds like a good name for the leader of the violent Bahro that Yeesha spoke of. Join me in spreading the use of these terms :)


Neze, k'tesh, kevoth, keso, k'tsee[edit | edit source]

Author: K'laamas
Posted: Sunday September 24, 2017
Original: New D'ni Words!

.shorah b'shemtee biv (:

RAWA recently gave someone a D'ni translation for a tattoo, & he's letting me release the new words publicly :) It's a quote from the old Cyan Website:

.reh-nezeh-tahn kehn-ehn k'tehsh-ij treh-lehnah-okh kehvo-th
roob reh-gehl-tahn kehn-ehn reh-kehso-tahn tso dovah-tee

"The reader is entertained by the journey of another,
but the writer is the changer of worlds."


1- The word "k'tehsh" is interesting because of the apostrophe. It's not the same as " "kh' ", meaning "for"--it's " k' ", & it's just part of the word. Unusual, but it's something we've seen on occasion: "geh'dahn" (wisdom), "m'lah" (lizard), & "v'jah" (celebration). Some other words contain an apostrophe, & seem to be used to join 2 words together, but we don't know the rules for such use, & without knowing the exact etymology of "k'tehsh", we can't be certain on the meaning/purpose of the apostrophe.

2- RAWA said that "k'tehsh", meaning "entertain", is "meant to be reminiscent of" the word "k'tsee", meaning "happy" (Bonus Word!).

3- I'm not quite sure how to define/describe the base word "kehvo" in "kehvoth", but the "-th" suffix makes the word a person.

4- We already had the word "kehso" from the "Kenen Gor" note & the "Podium Speech", but never knew the correct translation until now.

5 New Words:

1- "neze"--meaning "read" (verb).
2- "k'tesh"--meaning "entertain" (verb).
3- "kevoth"--meaning "another" (noun).
4- "keso"--meaning "change" (verb).
5- "k'tsee"--meaning "happy" (adjective). Bonus word! :)


Kroges, pradges, fenges[edit | edit source]

Author: Khreestrefah
Posted: Tuesday July 02, 2019
Original: Help With D'ni Translation

We've received some further information on words having to do with "art" subsequent to this thread.

RAWA has confirmed the following three words (the first successfully guessed by Larry Fontenot[1]) that each appear to contain the word gestoy :

krogestoy = "dance, the art of dancing";
pradgestoy = "sculpture";
fengestoy = "acting, the art of playing a role."

Interestingly enough, RAWA also observed that without the final syllable toy these are the corresponding verbs for the actions involved in the particular forms of art:

kroges = "I dance";
pradges = "I sculpt";
fenges = "I act, I play a role."

The compounds are only broadly similar in construction — kro is a verb "I move"; pråd the noun "rock"; while *fen is similar to fenah "story" — so they probably developed by analogy as the different kinds of art were invented or differentiated. RAWA also mentioned the three derived nouns:

krogestahn = "dancer";
pradgestahn = "sculptor";
fengestahn = "actor."

This probably gives us the names of two of the Minor Guilds:

Telprådges = "Guild of Sculptors" (short for tel-okh-prådges-tahn-tee) and
Telfenges = "Guild of Actors" (short for tel-okh-fenges-tahn-tee).


Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Larry Fontenot, "New words, in their noun, verb, and title forms.", Guild of Linguists' Pub Facebook group, February 18, 2019.