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The Orz Sentence is a carefully-constructed sentence translated by RAWA for explorer Orz, as a reward for his pledge level for the Unwritten Kickstarter, a fan-made tabletop RPG based on the D'ni universe.

Transliteration[edit | edit source]

.kamrov teshemtee voohee belen roo tsahnril kobolkeebahen ze
Who among you are there who can claim that you would never have obeyed her,
neegesh gopah tomahnahteeomee gahmoodenteeomee gahtsotoyteeomee kokeneet t'paychahvo
merely because your homes and your fortunes and your children were in danger,
gahgopah kosofeguheet zo'eos gimit inay r'ayts'day oko gahroodsh
and because you feared their immediate loss more than the black and red retribution
okhze kamrov kofoosaheet rebahreltahn hahzah gahtrel
of her whom you called the White and Blue God?