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Personal email, dated January 08, 2004

Brendon/Darkest90 wrote

Dear Richard A. Watson,
My friend and I have been having a serious debate. My opinion is that Ri'neref only wrote the Cavern of D'ni into the Book of Earth, and maybe the surface area above it, but he didn't write any other part of Earth. The Great Tree of Possibilities, in my opinion, filled in the rest of the surface world. I really don't think that Ri'neref could write such an enormous, successful Age in the lifetime that he had.

It is not known for certain exactly how much he wrote, but it is very unlikely that he took the time to write all of the details outside of the cavern. It is far more likely that he focused on what they needed to survive, and the rest was "filled in" for him as you've suggested.

Another question to go with this one, How long does it take to write an Age? A normal, average-sized Age, about the size of Stoneship. If it takes a short while (a month or two) then maybe Ri'neref could have written such an Age as Earth in the time he had. If Atrus spent a year or two writing Stoneship, then I am correct, Ri'neref couldn't write such a large age.

It just depends on how much detail you use in your writing. The more detailed you are in your descriptions, the longer it will take, obviously.

Please clarify my opinions. I would be most grateful.

Thank you,

Brendon AKA Darkest90

Hope that helps,

Richard A. Watson
D'ni Historian