Reference:RAWA/Location of D'ni

Personal email, dated February 19, 2003

CFisher83 wrote

Hello, my name is Cory Fischer (I sometimes go by the name Kodiak =)...) I have a question concerning the location of D'ni revealed at DRC...

According to what you just posted at DRC it says that D'ni is underneath New Mexico... now in the Book of Atrus it gives all the impression that the cleft is in some desert in the Middle East. It even talks about Arabs calling out to Ala... now I'm not the biggest historian but I'm not thinking there were a whole lot of Arabs in New Mexico 200 years ago...

Just curious, are the 3 novels canon and some other explaination or is are the books just wrong?

Thanks for taking the time to read my question =)

The Myst novels are based on the writings of Catherine. The key words there are "based on", meaning that some details in the novels, such as hints to the location of D'ni, were occasionally altered in the novels.