Reference:RAWA/Pre-Myst events

Q: There is only one Myst linking book in the prison on K'veer, correct?

A: At the end of the Book of Atrus, there are no Myst Linking Books in K'veer.

Q: Linking books cannot function with a page missing, correct? And when a person links, the book remains, correct?

A: Correct.

Q: Therefore, how could the brothers take a page out of the book and escape with it, if the book they disabled was the only way back?

A: Atrus brought the Linking Book with him when he went to D'ni from Myst. They tore the page out of his Linking Book before he left Myst Island.

Q: After Atrus threw himself into the fissure and returned to Myst, what books did he have with him or on the island?

A: The exact number of Books isn't recorded, but we know he and Catherine brought a number of Blank Books with them (which Catherine had stolen from Gehn's library) - pg 260 BoA.

Q: Why did Catherine link to Riven in the first place?

A: Sirrus and Achenar told her that Atrus had used the green book and had asked for her to follow him. Once there, not finding Atrus, she continued on to Riven.

Q: Why is Atrus in D'ni?

A: Sirrus and Achenar then told Atrus that Catherine had used the green book, having taken one page from his Myst Linking Book so he couldn't come back.

Q: Who is older, Sirrus or Achenar?

A: From our best interpretations of the D'ni historical accounts, it appears that Achenar was about two years older than Sirrus.

Q: Was the book that Atrus dropped into the fissure a linking book or a descriptive book?

A: Atrus dropped a Myst Linking Book in the fissure, not the Descriptive Book for Myst.

pg 279 BoA
Turning to Atrus, Catherine freed her hand, then took the knapsack from her back and opened it.
"Here," she said, handing him a Book.
Atrus stared, dumbfounded. It was the Myst Book.
Catherine smiled then; opening the Linking Book, placed her hand against it.

Q: (This question is a continuation of the above question) Where did that book come from? In order for it to be a Linking Book which returns you to Myst Island from D'ni, it has to be a Linking Book written somewhere on Myst and must contain phrases from the Book of D'ni! Right?

A: No, a Linking Book to Myst, only requires having been on Myst to write it. He needs no knowledge of the Book of D'ni. (And despite David Wingrove's statements to the contrary, he doesn't even need knowledge of the _Myst_ Book for that matter.)

Q: How did Sirrus or Achenar get a page from the Myst Island linking book?

A: Here's the scenario:

Over the years, Atrus wrote many Linking Book back to the Library (the Linking Book you find at the beginning of Myst was written at the Dock, long before the Library was even built, which is why it's the only time you don't arrive in the Library when you link to Myst Island.)

These Linking Books were placed in their "places of protection" on each of Atrus' Ages, so he could get back to Myst whenever he wanted. He was also in the habit of carrying a spare Linking Book with him... just in case (as were most D'ni who travelled in Ages).

The boys told Atrus that Catherine had used the green Book (which led to D'ni, though they'd never been there or used the Book themselves). While he was preparing to go to D'ni, they sabotaged the spare Book he normally carried with him. Hence Sirrus' message to Achenar in the imager in Channelwood:

"I hope I pushed the right button. Very interesting device, dear brother. I'm not erasing anything important, am I? He [Atrus] is preparing. Remember, take only one page."

That is the page you eventually take to Atrus, so that he can return to Myst Island.

Q: If you look on the back of the Myst box. You find a journal entry written by Atrus. Notice at the end, how his writing ends suddenly, as if he was attacked, or something caught his attention. Any ideas as to why he broke off so suddenly?

A: One word: marketing.

It is _not_ a note from Atrus.

It doesn't even make sense. "I dare not write further without revealing too much." Huh?