Reference:Richard Watson, letter to Matthew

From Guild of Archivists
Richard Watson, letter to Matthew
Location Tokotah Rooftop
Author Dr. Richard A. Watson


The last batch of papers you sent were very interesting. Since you did such a good job, I've got another list I'd like you to divvy up to the team. How you do it is up to you.

1. I'd like some more information on family life: ceremonies, etc... Anything related to birth, marriage, cultural events. I know we have quite a bit of source material for this so anything you get would be helpful. I think we've gathered quite a bit on science and technology and not enough on the personal lives of these people.

2. We have quite a bit of Guild information but gathering that all up into one tidy area would be nice.

3. The Fall is still an obvious area where we are lacking. I'm not sure I can help you with research material but given the latest information we are getting, at some time, we are going to have to dig into this. I recommend assigning someone the sole task of The Fall.

4. Continue on with the Kings. A short synopsis of all the kings would be helpful following the form you started with the last batch.

5. We still have religious writings, we need to translate. These are going to be the most difficult but I think they can give us large amounts of helpful information.

6. We have a stack of journals from various D'ni residences, etc...not to mention Ages.

I think that will be more than enough for now. Again, thank your team and tell them they are doing great work.

- Dr. Watson