Reference:Richard Watson, recording of speech in Kirel

From Guild of Archivists

Hello, test... Test, Victor, are we on? ... OK (clears throat), ok then (clears throat)...

Hello everyone. Um, thanks to Victor, we've gotten some additional D'ni technology working... it should be quite useful in sending messages here from the Tokotah to the numerous neighborhoods, as one more way to keep you informed of how things are progressing. Um... let me begin by once again welcoming newcomers to D'ni, we're very pleased to have you. I know I've spoken with a few of you, uh, in person, but to those of you I haven't met yet: welcome to the Restoration. The DRC and restoration engineers have been working very hard to put things in order. As you've probably noticed, various areas of the Island, Ae'gura, have been opened over the past few weeks, uh, with quite a bit more scheduled over the next few days, weeks, and months to come. We are also working on opening up several new Ages, and... well, we know that many of you have been given access to Ages that haven't gone through any kind of process yet, and we certainly do not encourage use of any unapproved Books, but... let's just say that with your safety uppermost in our minds, we're pushing to approve those Ages, just as quickly as we can.

Oh, and several of you have asked what you can do to help with the restoration effort? As you may already know, the D'ni KIs have the ability to determine their precise location here in the cavern, as well in other Ages; much of this functionality is governed here in the cavern by the Great Zero. Victor has recently succeeded in getting portions of the Great Zero functioning again, but he tells me it's still—still?—needs to be calibrated. We'll soon begin to focus on another Island area, the Ferry Terminal and its associated docks. We actually had some restoration engineers do some diving, and they found a- a sunken boat that we hope to raise at a later date. Before that, however, we will inspect the docks and approve them for public access.

Uh let's see... Um... yes. Outside the cavern, Gahreesen continues to progress nicely. Victor it seems recently made some discoveries that'll enable us to open up more of the interior space—uh, the Wall is what we call it. Members of our team are also working on another Age that should be opened within the next few weeks, perhaps we will post some pictures.

I'll end by addressing... some peculiar events that have been occurring: odd stones, books, cloths, and pages have been reported appearing from time to time. Rather than insist—probably unsuccessfully—that you not use these oddities, the DRC will for now simply wash its hands of any consequence arising from their use; in other words, if you use them, you do so at your own risk. We will continue to remove these artifacts if they're found, but so far that has... proved fruitless. But, well. I'm sorry to say it this way, but anyone involved in the placing of these books will be banned from the cavern.

But to end on a good note, thanks for all the continued help, to all of you, and patience as D'ni slowly begins to grow again.