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[Saavedro] (to you)
What? Your not... Where is he? Look, I know he's here. I have his Book, so where is he?

He didn't come. I take Releeshahn from him, and he sends you instead.

[Saavedro] (to himself)
Idiot! You actually thought this would work. You thought that you could force him into coming here and fixing things. Why? Why would he rewrite Narayan? Because of your messages? Because of your paintings? Look at your world! Look at what's left of it. When are you going to get it through your thick skull that you do not matter to him?!

No one could be alive out there. No one...

[Saavedro] (to you)
We're stuck here you know. The Linking Book back to J'nanin is gone, left behind when I linked out of Atrus's study. And as for getting into Narayan, look around you. This chamber is the only way in, and Atrus installed some kind of shield, and I've never been able to get past it. Not once in all these years. So you're just as stuck here as I am. At least until I open this Book. Then I show Atrus what it's like to watch your friends and relatives die.

[Saavedro brandishes his hammer as he walks away, then stops and turns around again]

[Saavedro] (to you)
If you do find a way out of here, I suggest that you think very carefully about using it, because one thing I know about Linking Books… is that the doors they open, don't close behind you.

After the outer shield is opened[edit]

[Saavedro runs down the stairs and looks out through the Lattice Roots to see Narayan]

[Saavedro] (to himself)
My God. Oh my God.

[Turning to you]

[Saavedro] (to you)
They're alive?! But how did you...

[Saavedro looks over your shoulder]

The fourth symbol!

[Saavedro looks at the Releeshahn Book and sighs. He then switches the shields back and forth several times until he realizes that either way, he cannot go back to Narayan.]

[Saavedro] (to himself)
He gives me hope, only to destroy me with it!

[Saavedro opens the inner shield and approaches you]

[Saavedro] (to you)
But you see, I still have something he wants. Something he sent you to bring back for him. Releeshahn. Wait until I'm out by the gondala, then switch the barriers so that the outer barrier is open. And in return, I'll give up Releeshahn.

[Saavedro walks to the gondola]

Do it!

After being trapped on the gondola balcony[edit]

[Saavedro jumps back and looks up at you in shock]

[Saavedro] (to himself)
No. No. Idiot!

No! No, no, no!

[Saavedro falls to the ground and sobs]

No, no, no, no, no! No!

If the shields are swapped before getting Releeshahn from Saavedro[edit]

[Saavedro] (to you)
I guess it's time to give up my end of the bargain...

[Saavedro begins to slide the Book through the lattice roots, then suddenly turns and tosses it off the side of the platform. He hops onto the gondola and rides away.]

While trapped on the gondola balcony[edit]

[Saavedro] (to you)
Oh god. No. Please. Don't do this to me. Not when my family could still be alive out there.

[Comes over to the gate]

You want the book?

[Hands over Releeshahn]

I'll give you the book. Just please, please, don't do this.

[Returns to the gondola]

Please. I can't do this again. Please don't leave me trapped here like this.

I can't.

[Saavedro] (to himself)
No! No!

[Falls to the ground]

No, no, no, no no, no, no, no, no, no.