Reference:Yeesha, K'veer and the Keep

So, friend... the Tablet has responded to you. Of course.

If you're seeking my father, his time has passed. He won't be requiring your assistance. The Book to his cursed island lies locked and gathering dust in his prison. That Book, along with his pain and his burden, have been passed to me.

And now you will know it, too.

You will listen carefully. This is not to be taken lightly. The Tablet has responded to you. It will be your burden. Choose wisely in the end... for there will be no second chance.

Many have taken this Tablet, and they have tried not to let go. It is the power of the writing. It... seduces all who try to hold it. I have held it... tasted its sweetness. But I can hold it no longer.

They have served too long. Always serving. Ever watching. And now, perhaps, you will see how to release them.

First, collect what's been scattered, and then the Tablet will be released. Then you will hold it. You will find in each Age along the journey that there will be help, and there will be hindrance.

You will start this journey where I started, where my father Atrus started, where my great-grandmother Ti'ana started. You will end this journey here when the tablet is released. When you return, the Tablet will be yours. When the Tablet is yours… do not give it to me.

What you still don't understand you have failed to hear or don't need to know.