Reference:Yeesha, Path of the Shell finale

Words fulfilled. Do you believe? I have taken time. You know his body no longer lies in his Vault. I have seen new life, his new life, and I have followed the Shell, round and round and back again. I taught you the same.

What will grow? The tree of all things. Who will grow it? The Grower. I will grow it. The Grower is the one who leads, so you will follow me. Who links at will? The Grower.

[The explorer is linked to Ae'gura]

The Grower banishes the darkness, and brings light to the cavern. Have you seen the light?

To think they believed him, with such… (scoffs) It is I who command light.


[Holes appear in the roof of the Cavern, and glowing particles fall from them to illuminate Kerath's Arch]<

Rest in the light. Sing in the time of joy. Call in the time of dark. Weep in the time of pride. And take my hand again, young one.

[The explorer is linked out, and after the following speech, arrives in K'veer again]

Time conquered, light to darkness, linking without Books. You have done well. You have seen words fulfilled. But still more to be fulfilled. There is a new tree. Do you believe?