Reference:Yeesha, bahro cave addresses

First cave (Teledahn)[edit]

Your journey has begun. You can't imagine how these small things affect the future, but someday you will; you will return. Many paths have brought me to this place. The path of my great-grandmother, bringer of destruction. The path of my grandfather, the rebuilder of pride. The path of my mother, writer of dreams, and of my father, my dear father, the caretaker of burdens. And I knew that at the end of such great paths must lay a great purpose. I returned to the Cleft to find it. Cleft. The Fissure in the desert, the wound in the Earth, the path to things beneath the surface. It was there I sought to find my purpose. It was from there I came to know the dead underground city of D'ni. These D'ni people who are now gone came thousands of years ago to the shelter of the cavern to return to leastness. They found solace in their smallness in the dark, and so did I. But light is powerful in the darkness.

Did you see the hidden caves, and the cages? It is where the proud would keep the least. The least were only animals, after all... [exasperated sigh] Animals that could link. They could be put to work, or play, they could ease the burden of the proud and fill their free time with entertainment. Quietly as D'ni slept, their lives were taken, because the proud make the rules. This wasn't the first time such a blasphemy was part of D'ni. The histories whisper of it. Like Va'tuhg the Ager, or King Asemlef. And even in this Age, it may not be the last.

And now to these pillars. These four pillars around you are the very being of the bahro. You must take them. They will bring a great treasure to Relto, your Age, the island in the clouds. Relto will be their keeper for only a brief time.

Second cave (Kemo and Gira)[edit]

Shorah. Peace to you, mover of the least. Seven more Journeys have moved you closer. I was seduced while in D'ni. My humble darkness lasted only a short time before I began to bask in what I could do, what I could write. My gift, my path. The knowledge of my father and the dreams of my mother pierced a hole in the darkness. In the weakness. I was aware of my power and I was proud. Whole worlds at my fingertips. It was the same with the D'ni, the same cycle. Light opens the darkness. It takes, it uses, and it keeps. The D'ni found power in these books, these books you use to travel. They were a gift from the Maker. These Ages you travel to were their Ages. Remarkable places giving life, and taking life. This shadow came over them, this shadow of light, for it was in their enlightenment that they considered themselves better; better than the least. And we were sad for them. Can you feel the D'ni there? You've touched the remnants, the remains of their pride and power.

Many stories were there for the D'ni to learn from, but they didn't hear them. The ancient tales of Thu'it's Ocean, or of course the story of King Shomat and his brothers, which even speaks of gardens and death. But no-one truly listened. The garden Ages of the proud are beautiful, but they are built on the backs of the least. The Ages like Kemo and Gira are a sampling of the playthings of D'ni. With disregard the least were stripped from their homes, the lives in those Ages were consumed and the D'ni gave nothing back. And whatever is not given back, will be taken.

The writing hides what's between the lines. These Journeys are to help you travel between. The bahro will be returned; these pillars are our Journey. The return of the pillars is the return of the bahro. The bringing away, and the bringing back.

Third cave (Gahreesen)[edit]

You return again, return to hear more, return for a third pillar. It's an interesting cycle, this coming and going, giving and taking. Returning is what you must do, for you have torn in half the very being of one of the least. You have heard their pain, don't falter.

Let me tell you of King Kerath, dare I speak ill of him. One of the great kings, but yet, he was the maker of the proud, for it was his system of guilds that served as the foundation of power, and corruption. The powerful need control; fortresses and garrisons to guard their power, and soon the guarding is yet another thing to be proud of. Layers within layers built to preserve their Ages and their pride from the weak and least who might attack from without. And yet, it is from within that most nations fall. And so the mighty garrisons of D'ni now stand vacant.

The people of D'ni didn't return easily. They only would take, until all was taken from them in the Great Returning, the fall that destroyed them. D'ni fell only a few hundred years ago. All of it was removed. And my journey was similar. I could write things that no D'ni had ever dreamed of. My writing smashed barriers held as absolutes for millennia. I could change things, I could move things… I could control things. I learned beyond my parents, I learned beyond all. I wrote Ages against any challengers, masters of The Art, and they were beaten. I took all that I could hold. Only death can conquer pride so strong. For the D'ni, and for Yeesha, it was death that moved me to return. All died. All but the least. The unproud. The bahro considered themselves as dead already, and so they continued to watch D'ni, always ready to give more away. And now they will return.

Fourth cave (Kadish Tolesa)[edit]

The bones of Guildmaster Kadish speak louder than words. His bones are the bones of D'ni. He clung to the teachings of good King Naygen who required good citizens to cling to their treasure. This Kadish you have seen would not give back, would not return, would not let go. He had long been one of the wealthiest of the D'ni, owning more than he could possibly make use of. He built Ages to protect the extra, and when the Fall came, he clung to his possessions over all else. And so you see only death in his vault. Extravagant death. It is an image of D'ni.

The Journeys are complete. Now take the final pillar. Take it, but hear all I've said. It's the whispers and murmurs that reveal the simple truths. You hold the precious soul of a Bahro in your Age, in your hand. Such things are not meant to be held. Do what I do. I have learned things, seen things, written things they never thought possible. I have seen the real treasures that are protected by the petty fences of their rules. I have found the precious gold buried deep beneath the weighty mountains of their laws. This is my journey too. I am returning what has been given. These years I've spent, this path I've traveled, this gift I've been given. This purpose weighs on me, my burden, the legacy of my father, Atrus. For we are shaping D'ni. We will mold what comes after. We cannot keep the power and the pride from ruining this new D'ni, but we can prepare those who will read between the lines. The Least are returning. The stream in the Cleft is returning. Life is returning. The Fissure is returning. The circle will be completed when you give back what you have taken. You must return.