Reference:Yeesha, completion of the Journey

Imager message[edit]

An ending has been written? You've done all that has been asked. You've traveled the full circle. You have returned to the Cleft through the Fissure. You swam among the stars and saw the remnants of previous journeys. You have returned and the pillars were returned, and now one more of the bahro, the least, has been returned to D'ni. You don't need to understand what that means, only that the hand of the Maker has set it in motion.

Now the circle is complete and the tree has begun to grow again. The path is now open, and so the symbol of the Journey must change. Now the beginning is tied to the end. Now you can go where you wish. The restoration of D'ni awaits. The deep city breathes. Uru again. And I will be concerned with other things. The least are becoming greater. They will now also affect the restoration, perhaps not the way others had planned. You've learned about the pride of D'ni. The great writers of worlds were infected with pride that became a cancer. It grew quietly beneath the surface, but it grew, until D'ni could live no more. But those things have been told, you understand it well, I think. Let us end this cycle with rewards, before we start the next cycle.

Relto, the high place. Your Age now. It was the first Age I wrote, a gift for my parents, and now much more. It reminds me of another home, another place. I even placed the library in the place it belongs. But Relto will change. It will be your soul, showing what you are. Only I could write Relto, it's beyond what the D'ni could accomplish. Keep it. And I've given you clothing that represents your journey. Wear this to show others what side you've taken, when sides are taken. When you wear it, you will tell all that you side with us, with Yeesha, with the bahro. It will not always be easy. And another gift is here, a link to the Cleft here in Tomahna. You haven't been able to return here, but now you can. This book will take a special place on your shelf. This place is not meant to be shared. Return here alone when you wish to remember the cycle of things.

In person[edit]

Returning. One final gift, something that no D'ni writer has been able to do for more than ten thousand years. I alone can write this gift. I alone am chosen to do this, and more. This gift is what my father Atrus would have longed to give his grandmother, Ti'ana. What Ti'ana longed for and danced for. The gift of life in the desert.

Perhaps the ending has not yet been written.