Ro'Eh Ro'Dan

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Ro'Eh Ro'Dan
Race Terahnee
Personal details
Died 9468 DE

Ro'Eh Ro'Dan was the last king of Terahnee. He seemed to leave a lasting impression on Atrus; even after he learned of Terahnee's dark secret and Ro'Eh Ro'Dan's role in overseeing the enslavement of countless thousands, Atrus was uncertain whether or not Ro'Eh Ro'Dan may have simply played an unwilling part in traditions and policies dating back thousands of years.

Ro'Eh Ro'Dan died of the plague brought to Terahnee by the D'ni. He greatly respected Atrus, despite their difference of opinion on the morality of enslaving other cultures, and had his researchers uncover a history of Terahnee for him before his death. This was found on his body, addressed to Atrus and personally signed. He was put to rest on a funeral pyre by the leaders of the Relyimah following his death.