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Teledahn Shroomie.png
A Shroomie seen swimming in Teledahn's ocean.
Found in Teledahn

Shroomies are known to inhabit the seas of Teledahn. They are large, crustacean-like creatures with hard shells covering their back. They are very scared of loud sounds. When they appear, it is with a loud call similar to whale-song, then they dive quickly beneath water and disappear. The shroomie was investigated and also hunted by Douglas Sharper, caretaker of Teledahn. His journal indicates that he managed to trap and kill one of them during his restoration efforts in Teledahn, though the mess created during the hunt forced him to push back a DRC inspection of the Age. He later stated to explorers that he regretted killing one of the shroomies, and given the chance, he would not do so again.