Template:Infobox king

Infobox king
Race unknown
{{{ordinal}}} King of D'ni
Reign {{{reign}}}
Coronation {{{coronation-date}}}
Preceded by none
Succeeded by none
Personal details
Born unknown
Died unknown
Name in D'ni {{{dni-name}}}
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Include this template when creating an article about a D'ni King. This is a specialized version of the generic {{Infobox person}} template. Below is a list of all parameters and how they should be used.

name Optional
The name of the king as used in the page title. By default this will use the page name if not provided.
image Optional
An image of the king, if available. Be sure to caption the image with the game or other media it's from, and set the size to 200px.
race The character's race. For characters of mixed lineage, list their races by approximate fraction (e.g. 1/2 D'ni, 1/2 Human)
ordinal Use this to indicate which king it is (e.g. "Twentieth").
reign The beginning and ending dates of the king's rule.
coronation-date The date, with as much accuracy as possible, when the king was coronated.
predecessor Link to the previous king. If no predecessor is available, leave blank and "none" will be used.
successor Link to the next king. If no successor is available, leave blank and "none" will be used.
born The date of the person's birth. If left blank, "unknown" will be included automatically.
died The date of the person's death. If left blank, "unknown" will be included automatically.
father Optional
The person's father, if known.
mother Optional
The person's mother, if known.
spouse Optional
The person's spouse, if known.
children Optional
If this person had any children, list them here.
dni-name Provide the text of the king's name using the D'ni font transliteration, and it will be included in D'ni text.