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When to use[edit]

Use this template to indicate that there are general references in the article, but that none are currently linked with inline citations. If you wish to indicate that there should be more linking via inline citations for articles that already have inline citations, use {{more footnotes}} instead. For articles where the problem is not in that there are general references that are unlinked, but rather that there are just simply not enough references, use {{refimprove}}.

An inline citation is any system that associates a given piece of an article with a specific citation. The two most popular forms are clickable footnotes (<ref> tags, which produce numbered footnotes like this: [1]) and parenthetical references (e.g., (Smith 2010)). Other articles use manually formatted footnotes or embedded citations. Do not add this tag to articles that use the "wrong" style of inline citation.

How to use[edit]

To add this template to an article, copy and paste {{No footnotes|{{subst:DATE}}}}.

This template has a |date= parameter. One way to use this parameter is {{No footnotes|{{subst:DATE}}}} but it can be done more explicitly as {{No footnotes|date=September 2021}} (both result in the same output). If the parameter is left off a bot will add it within a day or so.

The template also has an optional |BLP= parameter. If its value is yes, this will indicate that the article is a biography of a living person, which have higher standards for further reading and external links.



See also[edit]

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