Template:Parsed D'ni

This template is used to write several words in D'ni in such a way that each component is linked to the Dictionary entry for that D'ni word automatically


{{Parsed D'ni|1|2|3..}}

Follow the Template name with each component of separated by pipes: |


For D'ni prefixes and suffixes, either begin or end the component with a hyphen (-) as appropriate. This ensures that it links to the appropriate entry for the prefix.

The hyphen will not appear in the link text, however, so you can have words made of multiple parts.


Spaces at the beginning or end of a component will be ignored.

Spaces in the middle of a component will remain. This allows you to have multi-word entries.

To put a space in the text between components, just put in two pipes: ||.


Standard D'ni punctuation ( ! , . , ? ) at the beginning of components are not included in the link. Same with commas at the end of components.

These can also be listed as components on their own.


{{Parsed D'ni|!|shorah||b'-|shem|-tee}}
!shorah b'shemtee
{{Parsed D'ni|.|shorah||.|re-|kooahn||tre-|kleft||preniv||le-|glo|-en||b'-|rem}}
.shorah .rekooahn trekleft preniv legloen b'rem