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This template is designed to be used with SMW queries, specifically for queries done on the Dictionary namespace. It's passed to the "template" parameter of an #ask statement and formats the returned subobjects as a part of 'dictionary' style line. Note that the actual word is not returned, or any properties of the page itself - this just aggregates the 'definition' subobjects.


[[-Has subobject::Dictionary:shorah]]
| ?Gloss


interj 1. hello 2. goodbye n peace

A query such as the above is intended to be used inside another template that provides the full dictionary line


The template assumes:

  • that the query is pretty much identical to the one above in terms of options (the lines beginning with |). That is, the only property being returned is Gloss, the values in a property are separated by carats (^), and no link data is being sent through.
  • that the dictionary page has its subobjects arranged properly. That is, is using the appropriate part-of-speech templates and that each definition is defined with the {{df}} template.