Hi there, I'm dgelessus! I'm a not-quite-so-active player of Myst Online: Uru Live and the rest of the Myst/Uru games. I fluently speak English and German, and also have some knowledge of the French language.

I'm not always actively editing on the wiki, but I check the recent changes fairly regularly, so if you leave me a message on my talk page I will probably notice it. If necessary you can also reach me elsewhere.

Find me elsewhere[edit]

Uru Live[edit]

If you'd like to contact me in Uru Live, here are the KI numbers of my avatars on various shards:

MOULa (current)
  • dgelessus: #00032253
MOULa (before the DB reset in 2014)
  • dgelessus: #21175176
  • dgelessus.: #21413832
  • UruExplorer.exe: #22370402
  • UruLauncher.exe: #22377950
Gehn Shard
  • dgelessus: #00166350
  • dgelessus: #00232930