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I mostly go by the handle of Korov'ev (IPA: /kɐ'ro.vʲev/). I can be reached on:

Projects and activities[edit]

  • Camera operator and Editor (and voice actor) for The Lost Art machinima by Mystitech Prod.;
  • Host of the tours of the Fan Ages Touring Club on the Deep Island shard;
  • Curator of the Fan Age Gallery on the Guild of Writers wiki;
  • Curator of a guide on the Guild of Messengers' website about ways to play the game on macOS and Linux;
  • Author of some PlayOnMac/Linux scripts to install Uru shards on those OSes;
  • Author of the D'ni Notes, a D'ni grammar primer (reworked for the Archive as D'ni grammar);
  • Author of some D'ni Python tools for date, number and transliteration conversions;
  • Submitter of the proposal for the D'ni UCSUR encoding, for which I also re-encoded the D'ni Script typeface by C. Arenz and S. Ochs.


Translations in D'ni[edit]