Created and maintained by Chogon, CyanChat[1] was the oldest and generally most popular live chatroom for Myst fans. According to Chogon, the earliest email to mention CyanChat is from December 11, 1996; the exact date of creation is unknown.

On a normal day, CyanChat generally had between a few and a dozen users; during special events, it could grow into several tens of users, but had been known to crash when unable to cope with the load. Topics ranged from the expected (e.g., user-to-user support in solving puzzles or getting games to work at all, answering questions with regard to D'ni technology or storyline details, etc.) to the banally off-topic or the absurd.

CyanChat did not feature rooms, user accounts or other such sophisticated features found in many other systems, although private messaging was possible. Its simplicity made it very easy for people to immediately participate, even when not familiar.

It also had an automatic word filter, trying to strictly enforce a "G-rated" level of language, either merely refusing to send a message (with an "I can't repeat that!" error), or banning users either "until tomorrow" or permanently, leaving them only to ask Chogon via e-mail to undo the ban. Unfortunately, this had been known to work incorrectly, occasionally leading to unexpected, unwarranted banning (sometimes lasting as long as several months) or merely amusing, short-lived errors, such as including words like "shell" and "Uranus" in the list of banned words.

CyanChat stopped working in 2011–2012. In 2020, a Discord server, originally launched in 2017 with the name "CyanDiscord", became the official Cyan server and changed its name in "Official Cyan Chat".[2]


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