Teledahn Flapper.png
Found in Teledahn

Flappers are pancake-shaped creatures native to Teledahn, and move by popping up in the air, opening up like a parachute, then gently drifting down.

They eat the spores that drift around Teledahn, and are eaten by shroomies. Close inspection of the flapper shows that the central core of its body is comprised of a mouth with teeth. It seems logical that the flappers' "popping" into the air is to move higher in order to reach the spores on which it feeds and as a mode of transport. This is accomplished by closing its dorsal aperture, creating a vacuum under itself, and then the Flapper opens its dorsal aperture, causing an inrush of air. It is this inrush that causes it to pop into the air with great force.

Most of the research on flappers was done by Douglas Sharper, and is recorded in a journal in the Baron city office. Several "baby" flappers can be seen in the FryMan Aquarium in Sharper's Teledahn office. A small amount of research has also been performed by the D'ni Zoological Society.