Baron city office

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Baron city office
Location Ae'gura, D'ni
Link-in point(s) 5 37,060 6 27 7 -39

The Baron city office is a room located high on Ae'gura's main spire. It is a secure facility, with no physical entrances or exits – the only way in or out is via Linking Book. The room is divided in half by a partial wall; on one side is the link-in point, while the other houses a desk, several bookshelves, and a full-length window that looks out over the island.

This room was used as an office by the previous owners of Teledahn, among whom was a black market slave trader named Manesmo. The architecture and decor of the office draw heavily from that of Teledahn itself. When the DRC assigned Douglas Sharper to the task of restoring Teledahn, he found a link to this room and began to use it as a private base of sorts. He hid the Linking Book in a fish tank on Teledahn, and kept its existence a secret. It is unclear whether the "baron" moniker was used by the D'ni to describe Teledahn's owners in the past, but the KI does display the wearer's location as "BaronCityOffice". During the first DRC restoration effort, Dr. Kodama also sometimes derogatorily referred to Sharper as "the Baron", possibly suggesting that he and his colleagues at the DRC were aware of his use of the office.

During and briefly after the DRC's first restoration effort, Sharper kept a journal here that chronicled his efforts on Teledahn and his growing dissatisfaction with his employers. While he was aware that explorers had gained access to this journal soon after coming to the cavern in 2003, it wasn't until his return in 2007 that he stopped updating it to protect his privacy.