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This document provides a specific set of policies for creating and editing articles in the Archive. Policies are decided upon by the Guild of Archivists, though feedback and input on policies is accepted from anyone who wishes to participate in the discussion. Guild members are expected to ensure that the Archive is kept in-line with these policies at all times.

Please note that this page is a summary overview of our policies. If a specific sub-set of standards becomes too lengthy to quickly and easily summarize on this page, it will be split off into a new article.

Guild oversight[edit]

Policies are decided upon by the members of the Guild of Archivists. While visitors and community members are welcome and encouraged to participate in the development process for new policies, the Guild makes the final determination on what will be adopted.

Summary of policies[edit]

General policies[edit]

Editing guidelines[edit]

Content guidelines[edit]

  • Citation guidelines
    • If you find an un-sourced statement in an article you're not sure about, add the {{citation needed}} template at the end of the statement if you are unable to cite it yourself.
    • If you think something in an article is incorrect but cannot source a refutation, add the {{contested}} template at the end of the statement to flag it as contested.
  • Avoid blanket statements. Be specific!
  • Check your facts. Always go back to the source material if you are unsure about something.
  • Use external links appropriately.
  • Remember, perfection is not required. Some content is always better than no content.

Style guidelines[edit]

Content in this section is based on policies created by Memory Alpha. In accordance with Memory Alpha's licensing terms, the material on this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Non-Commercial license.