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Many people who visit the Archive are unfamiliar with the wiki format. If you're reading this and are hesitant about contributing, we encourage you to be bold and join our project! A wiki's strength is in its members, and the more people participate, the stronger the community becomes.

If someone writes what would be considered an "inferior" article, that's fine! It's always better to have some content (as long as it's on-topic and not patent nonsense) rather than no content at all. Even with an inferior article, it's possible to start rewriting it, to develop it further into something that eventually could become the perfect article.

One more important rule: no one "owns" any of the articles here (it may seem like Alahmnat does sometimes, but they've mostly just been moving content from its previous location), so it's perfectly all right to dive right in and add your own ideas to make the article better—as long as you follow the rules, of course!

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