Nearest palace

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The Nearest Palace, which is very small compared to the Main Palace, is made out of crystals and floating stone, and appears to be man-made. However, this was actually written by Atrus to fool greedy travellers into entering the Red Book. You could see the Nearest Palace from the Main Palace.

Sirrus saw this Palace during his imprisonment in Spire, and, remembering how Emmit, Branch, and Will simply "appeared" in Stoneship, believed people were there, or it could help him reach the ground. For ten years, Sirrus tried to build ships out of the floating rocks to fly to the Nearest Palace with the help of electromagnets, but they kept floating away. When he finally managed, however, he realized that nothing was there.

All there is on the Nearest Palace is a generator, which seems to be able to produce a maximum of 34 volts and a telescope, both constructed by Sirrus.