Name in D'ni sirus
Personal details
Born 9432 DE
Died Leevobro 2, 9480 DE
Father Atrus
Mother Catherine
Portrayed by

Sirrus (9432 DE – Leevobro 2, 9480 DE) was the youngest son of Atrus and Catherine, and brother to Achenar and Yeesha. He was most likely named after the star Sirius as a nod to Atrus' deep love of astronomy.[1]


Sirrus was born on Myst, about two years after Achenar.[2] When he was eight, his great-grandmother Ti'ana died. His father, lost in grief, buried himself in his experiments, neglecting his family for extended periods. Sirrus saw this as rejection, and eventually grew bitter toward his father, despite their shared interests. Unaware of his son's growing maladjustment, Atrus allowed Sirrus free reign to the Ages of Myst, and he seemed to take great pleasure in subjugating their native inhabitants.

In 9641 DE, he and his brother devised a plan to rid themselves of their parents' oversight, and take more absolute control over the people in Atrus's Ages. They used the abandoned memory chamber on the Age of Serenia to construct a memory exchange chair, enabling them to swap consciousnesses with someone else. Their plan had been to "possess" their father, taking his place and acting out their demands under his guise. This plan ultimately fell apart due to the brothers' substantial mistrust of each other. Sirrus ultimately abandoned the plan and traveled to Spire, one of the two trap books that Atrus placed in the Myst library to entrap any greedy interlopers who might uncover his lost Myst Linking Book.

Without a way to return to Myst, Sirrus found himself trapped on Spire for nearly twenty years. He spent years attempting to find his way to the ground in search of the Linking Book left behind when Atrus first visited the Age, but was ultimately foiled by the Age's unique lack of any solid planetary surface.

In 9475 DE, Atrus sought to re-establish contact with his estranged sons. Sirrus, still angry over his neglect in childhood and unable to empathize with his father, was furious to learn that he not only had a sister, but that Atrus was teaching her regestoy—something he ultimately refused to do for his sons. He devised a way to escape from his prison by using Spire's resonant crystals to destabilize the nara in the Age's new secure linking chamber, and kidnapped his sister, intending to swap consciousnesses with her and fool Atrus into teaching him regestoy. He was foiled by Achenar and the Stranger, who freed Yeesha from her brother's grasp in Serenia's Dream world. Untethered from his sister's mind, Sirrus's consciousness was lost, unable to return to his body. Effectively, he died.





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