Author Atrus
Connections Myst

Stoneship was an Age written by Atrus during the time that he and his family lived on Myst.


Stoneship consisted of a small collection of jagged rocks in a vast ocean. Several artificial structures were built on or around the largest of them, including a light house, a pumping station, and a wooden sailing ship which gave the Age its name. This ship was not built, however. It was written into the Age by Atrus, who wanted to use it to explore the ocean. This was one of Atrus's first attempts to add an object to an Age using the Art, and because of his lack of experience, the ship instead was split in half and fused with the rock of the largest crag.


The rocks were once inhabited, first by a young man named Emmit, then later by Branch and Will. These three lived together when Atrus first visited the Age. Curious about where the boys (as Atrus called them) had come from, he constructed first a telescope platform atop the largest rock, and then a lighthouse to serve as a beacon for others who may have lived beyond the view of the telescope. As a result of the lighthouse, others arrived, and during one of Atrus's last visit there was a small community living on the rocks. The lighthouse had also sunk considerably as a result of the unstable ground it was built upon. By the time of Atrus's last visit, it was necessary to access the structure by climbing in through what had once been a second-story window.

Atrus's sons, Sirrus and Achenar, eventually moved into the underground rooms within the largest rock, converting them into bedrooms that suited their own tastes. There is no indication of what happened to the inhabitants after the brothers took up residence in the Age, but by the time the Stranger came upon the Age, it was completely uninhabited.