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Race Ronay
Name in D'ni Urpa

Oorpah was a Ronay prophet. Almost nothing is known about their life other than that they lived on Garternay before the Great Exodus. It is unknown how many years before that event they lived or how influential they were on Garternay. They are now known only for their prophetic work, the Regeltavok Oorpah, which foretold of the coming of a "Great King" that Yahvo would send to guide his people.

King Ri'neref—as well as at least some of the D'ni people—strongly believed in Oorpah's work. Deriving inspiration from the Regeltavok Oorpah, Ri'neref directed the construction of the Regeltovokum, largely to serve as a reminder of the Great King the D'ni expected to arrive.[1]

After King Ja'kreen commissioned the construction of the King's Arch so that prophecies relating to its welcoming of a "Great King" could be fulfilled, he ordered the Temple of the Great King to be built to specifications contained in ancient prophecies, most notably the Regeltavok Oorpah.[2]