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Name in D'ni garternA
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Garternay is the home world of the Ronay. Its name means "root of the great tree", a reference to the Ronay - and later D'ni - belief that the universe was a massive, infinitely-branching tree of possibilities. It was here that the Ronay learned "The Art of Writing".

Name and etymology[edit]

The word Garternay seems derived from three different roots in what is now the D'ni language: gahro (garo), meaning "mighty" or "great"; ter (ter), meaning "tree"; and nay (nA), meaning "root". Literally, it meant "Root of the Great Tree".


Little is known about the structure and terrain of Garternay. Gehn believed that his mother's watch bore the Age's continents on its surface[1], though there is no further evidence to substantiate his claim.

Guild Master Kadish, a member of the D'ni Guild of Writers shortly before the fall, claimed that he could travel through time and take his fellows to Garternay's past, present, and future. His depiction of the Age on Ahnonay is the only visual record available, though it too is of questionable accuracy.


Garternay no longer exists. It was consumed by its parent star as it became a red giant.[citation needed] When the Ronay were aware that Garternay would soon become inhabitable because of the falling temperatures due to their sun's death, they abandoned their Age. The majority went to Terahnee, but smaller groups went to other Ages, including D'ni (Earth). The destruction of their ancestral home was greeted with celebration by the D'ni, who created the Day of Dancing holiday to commemorate it [2].


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