11th century DE

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The 11th century DE was a D'ni century which lasted from 6250 DE to 6874 DE.


  • 6284 DE: Jaron is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 6340 DE: Rock Biter and Burrower, the last of the great D'ni digging machines, are christened.
  • 6498 DE: Rikooth is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 6510 - 6601 DE: Rock Biter and Burrower discover and explore a new cavern.
  • 6676 DE: King Rikooth eliminates the hard-line isolationist policies against outsiders, which were originally put in place by King Lanaren.
  • 6700 DE: King Rikooth exiles his wife Hisha and their son Kerath from the palace.
  • 6731 DE: Kerath is crowned King of D'ni following a deathbed change of heart from his father.

Significant people[edit]