Race D'ni
Name in D'ni atak

According to The Story of the First Guildmaster, Atak was an apprentice to the D'ni writer Varsil, in an ancient but unspecified time in D'ni history. He assisted his master in his perfection of the Art, hoping to use it to bring an end to the famine that gripped the nation. Although they finally succeeded in creating the first Age in D'ni history, Varsil's demand for Princess Dania's hand in marriage as his reward was rebuffed by King Clevis, driving Varsil into a treasonous rage. Atak was forced to blind his master in order to prevent him from writing an Age where he could muster an army and overthrow the king.

Atak was praised as a hero for his actions, but he was stricken with grief over what he had done and left D'ni, never to return.