Race D'ni
Name in D'ni varsil

Varsil was the "first Guildmaster", one of the people tasked with perfecting the Art, in the hopes of using it to alleviate a multi-generational famine that was plaguing D'ni. With the aid of his apprentice Atak, Varsil finally succeeded in crafting the first Age, a grain-rich world that he called Dania, after king Clevis' daughter.

When Varsil asked for the hand of Princess Dania in marriage, Clevis was outraged. He refused to allow his daughter to marry someone who was not of royal blood, and had Varsil thrown out of the palace.

Varsil became consumed with rage over the denial of his request, and began to plot an overthrow of the monarchy, intending to create new Ages where he could draw up his own armies for the attack. He attempted to draw Atak into his plans, but his apprentice refused to have any part of it.

Although his devotion to his master prevented him from killing Varsil outright for his treason, he also couldn't stand by while Varsil carried out his plans. Atak blinded his master with a crossbow bolt and returned him to D'ni to face the consequences of his actions.