Bahro stone

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For a list of bahro stones, see List of bahro stones.
Bahro stone in Douglas Sharper's office

A bahro stone or "linking stone" is a small stone tablet with a cloth on one side, much like a Journey cloth. A linking panel is woven into the cloth, which links the user to another Age much like a Linking Book would. However, bahro stones are also capable of linking to other places within the same Age, like Relto books can. They are also capable of linking to places that Linking Books cannot, such as a specific room within a rotating structure. It is widely believed that Yeesha or the bahro have provided them to enable explorers to access areas that illustrate a point Yeesha wishes to make, or areas which the DRC do not wish explorers to access yet.

The DRC have tried to remove these stones, but they were always replaced in short order. Douglas Sharper recorded several instances of trying to relocate a stone he found in Teledahn, only to find it returned a short time later.