Crystal bombs

From Guild of Archivists

These powerful explosives are a product of the evil genius of Sirrus. They are crafted out of the crystals mined throughout Spire, and then charged in Sirrus's Bomb Factory, before being coated in a gooey substance extracted from Spire vegetables to prevent a premature explosion.

If the coating is shattered and the crystal comes in direct contact with a grounded object, it instantly emits a powerful electric shock, coupled with a green flash and a high-pitched, almost supersonic chime. It does not seem to be intended as a weapon of death. Still, the crystal bombs are very powerful. Less-charged bombs can demolish thick layers of rock (which inadvertently caused the collapse of most of Sirrus' lab). Stronger bombs are the only known objects that could destroy Nara, as they disrupt the substance by creating a specific vibration on a molecular level.